Quarterly Industry Focus
Economic Insight Q2 2017

Work Builds Up at JJ-Muntons

JJ-Muntons (Thailand) has been busy sending production size samples to customers across the region for advanced trials and early production runs. Samples of plain and coloured Dried Extracts have been very popular. Several different flavours of Malted Chocolate Powder and Malted Milk Powder have been taken in large batch quantities by customers keen to enter into the malted drinks market. With customers keen to develop custom recipes, this is creating a great excitement in the factory. Interest has been especially high in the ‘Crunchy’ formulations which has a great mouthfeel when eaten dry or added to other bakery or food products.
The main focus over the last few months has been for the certification audits required by many customers and for export to some countries in Asia. After a pre-audit and first stage audits in February, the factory passed the second stage audits for both HACCP and GMP in March. These required a through audit of operational and hygiene procedures over the course of a day by professional third party auditors. The two auditors spent the day checking the facility, machine operation, validating procedures and interviewing staff.
In April JJ-Muntons also completed their Audit for Halal certification and is now able to issue certification from CICT for Muslim markets. Colin Whitehouse, General Manager JJ-Muntons noted, “These audits represent the culmination of almost a year’s work by JJ-Muntons Staff. Only 12 months ago JJ-Muntons was just completing construction and none of our operators had seen a drier or worked in a food factory. The team, equipment and process were new and untested. Having installed the utilities, assembled the equipment, learned how to use and maintain it all, then written work instructions and procedures from scratch was already a major achievement. Now to have them validated and approved by a third party in such a short time has been an excellent team effort.”