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Our Jebsen & Jebsen in-house brands offer innovative and effective solutions for your industry challenges. Supported by many of our leading technology partners, we fill the gaps to bring you bespoke solutions specifically tailored to solve your challenges. 


A new approach to coating & ink additives

After working with key industry players across Asia for more than 50 years, our Coating and Resins specialists at Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients saw an opportunity to better serve customers by creating individually tailored solutions together for and with them. This meant investing heavily in the right laboratory infrastructure, which led to the creation of our Regional Coating Innovation Centre in Bangkok, Thailand.

Developed by Jebsen & Jessen Ingredients

Through our setup, which includes the right tools, international partners from more than ten countries and a solid team of industry experts, we can provide customers with innovations, resources, and ideas to expand their product portfolio, develop business opportunities, and add value to their products and services.

At JebChem our support goes beyond products – we’re here to solve coating challenges.

Take a look at our solutions that can help you with your projects below. 

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Anti-Foam Additives

Our Anti-Foam Additives prevent foam during the production and application of coatings and inks. JebChem Anti-Foam Additives come in emulsion, solution, and concentrate types. Both silicone and silicone-free types are available to provide maximum flexibility for water-borne, solvent-borne, solvent-free, or UV radiation systems.

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Dispersing Additives

Our Dispersing Agents are developed for fillers, inorganic, organic and carbon black pigments. It is vital to the quality of your finished products that the right dispersing agent is used, as the chemistry of the types of polymeric groups present in each of the products differ.
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Flow Additives

Our Flow Agents create a smooth finish on film surfaces. Gloss and image clarity are enhanced, especially for high gloss systems. For roller coating, flow agents can also help to promote a uniform film appearance.

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Matting Agents

Our JebChem Matting Agents provide excellent properties for all coatings-related technologies, including industrial applications such as coil and wood coatings, printing inks and decorative coatings.
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Our JebChem Pigments are sourced exclusively from trusted manufacturers and extensively tested. They provide excellent colouring properties and are easily integrated into existing formulations.

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Slip Additives

Our Slip Agents promote slip and leveling in coatings and inks. In the production process, the film surface should be smooth to offer good mar resistance and improve anti-block resistance.

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Substrate Wetting Additives

Our Substrate Wetting Additives promote a smooth film formation by creating good wetting to low energy surfaces or contaminants. Both silicone and silicone-free products are available for solvent-borne or waterborne coatings and inks.

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Special Additives

Our Specialty Additives improve paint film property of both solvent-borne and waterborne coating and inks, providing smoother film finishes. These additives are used to avoid defects and to generate special properties, such as improved adhesion and rheology, as well as enhancing formulations to required paint properties.

Our Livestock-Primer™ is a probiotic and prebiotic for swine and poultry.

Benefits of using Livestock-Primer™

Improves farrowing condition
Increases milk yield and milk quality
Improves feed intake in lactation
Increases survival rate at weaning
Improves weaning pig weight
Better feed transition and intestinal health
High IgA in Colostrum

Recommended Product Applications

Top dressing
Mash feed



Livestock-Primer™ uses live yeast strain (Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii CNCMI-1079) for monogastric health and nutrition

  • Reduction in pathogenic micro-organism concentration
  • Reinforcement of the intestinal microflora equilibrium
  • Stimulation of animal’s immune system


Livestock-Primer™ contains enzyme-treated soya protein characterised by high digestibility, low anti-nutritional matter & excellent palatability

  • Low trypsin inhibited
  • Low β-conglycinin
  • Low oligosaccharide